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Well, if things had gone according to plan, Han would be free and Princess Leia would be on her merry way. Instead, Princess Leia was revealed, and now shes Jabba the Hutts slave. So that sucks.On the plus side, Princess Leia isnt one to just lull about waiting for something to go her way. Shes a do-er. Which is totally why she uses her slave chain to her advantage and tries to strangle that slimy piece of worm-ridden filth, Jabba the Hutt. Sure, she has to do it in rather skimpy dancing girl outfit, but she does it nonetheless. After all, sometimes daring escapes cant wait for practical clothes. Sometimes, youve just got to do what you got to do, gold bikini or no.In the mean time, we imagine that at least Princess Leia was rather cool and comfortable in the ridiculous get-up (she was on a hot dessert planet after all). And even if it was an outfit made for a dancing girl and not a Princess, weve got to admit, she made it look good. So if youre feeling like an empowered sassy princess (or maybe youre stuck in a dessert and need some lighter clothes) then maybe you want to try out our Sexy Princess Leia Slave Costume too. Its officially licensed, with bra top, a gold choker, vinyl hair ornaments, and the long maroon skirt (attached to a golden vinyl front piece and briefs). Just promise us one thing? Try talking people down before you resort to chain-choking. Trust us, its for the best.
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