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You know what takes so much time? Something that takes forever and is always a lot of work? Doing. Your. Hair. Come on already! Its there, its on your head, why does it always get messed up? Why all the bedhead? Enough already.Well it has been enough. Fortunately, we live in the 21st century (well, most of us. Were looking at you, time travelers!) and technology has finally found a solution: this wavy brunette wig! We know what youre thinking "Why would I want a wig? I already have to deal with my crazy, unmanageable hair. Dont make me get a second head to comb!" Youre right, you dont need that stress in your life. Instead, this wig will stay just the way you want it, so you can plop it on and youre ready to start the day! Just roll out of bed? No one will ever know when you show up looking like you have your own professional stylist. Get gum in your hair (no judgment from us, happens all the time!)? Dont worry about getting it out, just put on your trusty wig and youll lose that "gum hair" nickname forever. Its the perfect solution to any hair needs!
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