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Somehow, kids always love the hippie thing. Were not sure why. Studies show a passion for all things hippie is a simple and safe way for kids to "stick it to the Man," although who "the Man" is were not really sure- wait! Does that mean were the Man? No! It cant be! Were still young and hip and like, totally chill, bro. Hey kids, have you heard about this thing called Facebook? Oh no, we really are the Man. And here we thought we were just flower children living off Mother Nature and being true to our inner spirits.Well fine, you darn hippies. Have it your way. You want us to be the Man, were the Man. And were here to tell you to get a job! Get a... stay in school! Yeah! What are you even doing getting a job when you should be in school? Honestly, kids today. So irresponsible. Next youll tell us you do your learning on a computer. Whatever happened to a good old fashioned library? What do you mean "whats a library?" Its a place with any book you could ask for. No, not like Amazon (*shaking our fist in the air*).If you want your kid rebelling against our society and waving their peace signs in the air with recklessly then by all means, get them this costume. Just dont blame us when things get out of hand. Were the Man. Flashy colors? Flowers? Bell bottoms? Tons of fringe? How dare you! Kids today are out of control!
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