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Serious Pirate SwaggerWho knows how to make scurvy sea scum walk the plank like no other? The nefarious pirate maiden, thats who! Shes tough, shes fierce, and hey, shes also a skilled swordsman. Shes not what youd typically expect from a pirate maiden. And, now, you can get become her with this costume. With off the shoulder styling and yo-ho-ho pirate stripes, it has the style that will let you sail the high seas with serious pirate swagger!Product DetailsThis costume is designed as a one-piece dress that gives the combination look of a blouse, corset, and skirt. The jagged hem on the skirt is a classic touch of pirate style and it features self-ties for a fitted look. The attached white blouse with off-the-shoulder sleeves features elastic fit in the off-the-shoulder neckline and sleeve cuffs. The velvet-like black vest is attached to the dress, with laces and gold accents. Made of a polyester/cotton blend, this costume is an iconic and fun choice for any costume party!Set Sail with your entire pirate crewSure, you could head out to the party as the rogue pirate maiden, but, were guessing youll be able to blunder even more booty with a complete pirate crew. And weve got costumes to outfit your entire gang! Weve got costumes for captains, corsairs, buccaneers, something unique for each and every member of your swashbuckling squad. Be sure to shop all of our pirate costumes to see the top styles available! 
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