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Looking at the snazzy fringe and sequins of our satin Black Charleston Flapper Dress, you might be wondering why the sights, sounds, and signature steps of the 1920s ever went out of style. Well, you could be thinking about all kinds of things: we cant read your mind. But if youre like us, youre probably pretty miffed that people arent walking around in fun, feathery-looking apparel like this anymore!As it turns out, toward the end of the 1920s, dresses suddenly got longer, making it a lot more difficult to do some of the livelier dances that were popular at the time, like the Charleston. If you ask us, it was a huge oversight! In a nutshell, thats why we created this exclusive costume. We could hire a historian to hand you a bunch of lines about the 20th century or talk your ear off about the Art Deco movement. We could even quote Fitzgerald at you—hes one of our all-time favorites. But the truth is that we came up with this look simply because we wanted to get people dancing again! Sure, there are other flapper outfits on the market. But why mess around with a bunch of other flapper outfits when youre already here, face-to-face with a great-looking, high-quality number thats built (and priced) to move? Spend the rest of your costume allowance on feather boas and cigarette holders! Blow the rest of your budget on dance lessons, or not! The world is your oyster when your garb glitters and shimmies every step of the way.
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