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If theres something wrong with channeling all the negativity in a persons life into dance, we dont want to be right. What else would we do with a whole lot of extra pent-up frustration and foiled ambition? Nothing could be as much fun as squishing it beneath the sleek and fashionable heels of our kneehigh go-go boots! In fact, every few months we like to take a trip to the local disco club and work out all our problems beneath a shimmering disco ball to some of the catchiest music ever recorded. We think thats a strategy that could make a lot of other people feel better, too, and we hope you agree. But maybe that sounds crazy. Maybe youd rather just sit around in silence, like so many other people seem to prefer. Thats gonna make our mission a lot tougher! Help us help you by trying on this Sexy Disco Diva Dress and stepping out there on the dance floor. Were certain that with some matching boogie shoes or roller skates, an outfit like this will improve anybodys mood. And if it doesnt? Well, that hasnt happened so far, but wed tentatively suggest cranking up the music and shaking it even harder. Sometimes all that bad stuff can be kind of sticky, you know?Do us a favor: if our method works for you, would you pass it on? The only thing that would make us happier than one person wearing a Sexy Disco Diva Dress and dancing til they feel better is everyone putting on a Sexy Disco Diva Dress and feeling better together!
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