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Everybody seems to think that a mad hatter has to be a maniac. But were big fans of wordplay, just like Lewis Carroll, so were open to some fresh takes on an old label. Like we could see how an angry hatter costume might be kind of funny, if you could find a way to make it look as though steam were coming out of your ears. And we cant say enough about this Teen Girls Mad Hatter Costume, which makes perfect sense if you think that the mad hatter should be nothing short of mad stylish!Its got all the pieces youd expect to find in a hatter outfit, from the top of the off-kilter miniature hat to the bottom of the whimsical faux suede spats. Yet its brimming with details and decorative touches that make the classic tea-totaling character seem way more fashion forward, like fingerless gloves and a yoked skirt in sensible plaid, which contrasts with the playful pink of the build-in petticoat. The only thing thats crazy about this hatter costume is just how good it looks!Well, its not exactly conventional attire for a high-class tradition like afternoon tea. But if youre feeling a little eccentric, you could do a lot worse than to dress up like this—and youll get along fine with the Wonderland crowd. Even if its not strictly formal, this standout ensemble is fit for a very important date or any other kind of seasonal special occasion!
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