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Did you know that some people think there were really FOUR musketeers? The Alexandre Dumas novel tells the story of a young man, D’artagnan, who is very determined to join the Musketeers of the Guard. He meets three musketeers and is determined to join them, which he eventually does--making four. If that’s the case, then the editor really should have caught that in the final proof.Oh well. We don’t care about the number--we love Musketeers! So, whether you gather a group of two pals or three, you should show off your strength and skill to your fellow (however many) musketeers in this outfit! When you wear this Brave Musketeer Costume, you’re channeling an epic tale of adventure, friendship, politics, and yes, sword duels. Because really, who doesn’t love sword duels? Boring people, that’s who.Athos, Porthos, and Aramis (and D’artagnan, if you consider him a “musketeer”) will be happy to have you join their ranks, seeing how you look fierce and festive in this outfit. The look includes a tunic and shirt combo, gauntlets, a fabulous feathered hat, and boot spats. Wear it with your own black pants, or buy a pair of period-specific breeches. Add a fake mustache and beard and a must-have musketeer sword to finish off the look. While we’re busy rewriting history, the “Five Musketeers” sounds like a sequel we’d preorder. And we bet there would be a movie adaptation in its future.
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