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Are you ready to take the cake?Maybe all your friends are always telling you that you’re a sweetheart, all the time. Maybe you’re famous for your raging sweet tooth that’s never, ever quite satisfied. Maybe you’re the baker in your crowd, always trying out your latest recipes on your friends. Maybe you’ve been invited to a cuisine-themed Halloween party and have no idea what to wear. Or maybe, you just like to have a little “bite” of fun! Well, here’s a recipe for sweet success that will make you the center of attention – and nobody “desserts” attention more than you! Our Women’s Tasty Cupcake Costume is a pretty confection that has all the ingredients you’ll need to look as fun and sweet as can be. Really, is there anybody who DOESN’T like cupcakes? The recipe starts with a blue cupcake wrapper “skirt” bottom as the base. Then you’ll need to mix in the pink sleeveless top. To save you time, the top is already covered in green, blue, yellow and pink sprinkles. (Because cupcakes are nothing without sprinkles.) “Frost” your cupcake by fluffing out the pink tulle over the top just so. Then all you need to do is add the cherry on top! The cherry headpiece sparkles with sequins and has a green stem for the perfect finishing touch. For some extra fun, whip up a batch of friends to dress up as cupcakes with you and you’ll be serving up a baker’s dozen at the Halloween party this year.
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