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Being a new girl in any place is tough, but we imagine being a Kryptonian makes being new to Earth a bit easier. While Supergirl still has to put up with annoying people like the rest of us, knowing she could throw them into orbit if she wanted to must be a nice consolation. Dress up in this official Supergirl Costume, and show everyone how Kryptonians fight in style! Supergirl has pretty much all of the same powers as her cousin (this guy named Superman, maybe youve heard of him), because she gets her abilities from Earths sun, just like he does. But since she didnt grow up on Earth, she doesnt have the same restraint and mental discipline, and tends to leave more of a path of destruction when shes battling bad guys. On the other hand, shes got a much cuter sense of fashion than Supes does, preferring to fight injustice in a skirt and short cape rather than tights and a tacky long cape. She still likes the red and blue colors, though, which is good because they look pretty super on her! Even though you still have to deal with everything that comes with being an Earthling, at least you can pretend to be Supergirl when you go out in this heroic costume. Youll look pretty super and sassy in this form fitting dress, and the stretchy metallic boot covers make any shoes you wear match the skirt and cape. Now, if only this costume could make you fly like a real Kryptonian, so you wouldnt have to find a ride to the party...
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