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They always say that blondes have more fun, but you know who has more fun than blondes having more fun? Platinum blondes with black highlights. Its a little known phrase, but platinum blondes with black highlights have more fun than fun. Why? Because sometimes you need a little edge. Sometimes, fun is in pushing the envelope, or pushing boundaries, or having a touch of something that will make people stop and say "Whoa, that girl, while incredibly sexy and attractive, is also extremely intimidating with her impeccable hairstyle." Trust us, youll hear that verbatim from probably everyone in your life.So explore that dark side. Let the Cheshire cat out of the bag and be a little dangerous for a while. You never know what rabbit hole you might fall into, ready to go through the looking glass and into a wonderland! But you wont know unless you give yourself a chance to try something a little different.
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