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Whoa, these are pretty intense furry boot covers! Firstly, what a great way to hide anything youre self-conscious about from the calf down. That shameful tattoo you hate revealing to new people? Tada! Its gone! Scuffed up those boots and now theyre covered in manure from all that work in the field? Well no one will see it now! (They might smell it though, just FYI).Secondly, and perhaps more important: what animal is this fur made from? Where are all the purple furry beasts we have not yet discovered? Obviously someone knows about them, and is turning them into boot covers! Maybe these creatures went extinct and so we honor them by using their fur for the only thing its good for: covering boots. Wherever those magical, beautiful beasts are, theyve blessed us here today. So do yourself a favor and put on a pair.Please note: No purple creatures were harmed for their fur. We could never do that to those beautiful purple guys.
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