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Are you going for a retro look for this Halloween? Is there a 50s themed party coming up? Well, we have the perfect addition to your costume! If you want to be the queen bee in the party scene then you need to top off your old-school outfit with the most stylish hairdo out there. So, if you want everyone screaming, ‘good golly miss molly’ when you walk in the room, grab this 50s Flicked Beehive Black Wig. You’ll look more than ready to rock around the clock all night!Without a doubt this fashionable wig will be the crown jewel of your throwback outfit. However, if you still need to find the perfect costume, take a look through our collection of 50s themed dresses. Then just add a few more accessories like a pair of sassy cat-eye glasses and a cute polka dot scarf. You’ll be ready to bounce your beehive all around the dance floor in no time!
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