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Working in a tavern is much different these days than back in the Medieval times. For one, there arent that many taverns! Sure, there are bars, there are dives, there are even inns. But the true-blue tavern has faded into the background. They are much fancier than back in the good old days when the floor was made of straw and the roof was made of. . . well, straw. Whether you are changing the grog kegs or youre running the joint, this outfit is perfect for any up and coming tavern wench. The top has the nostalgic puffed white sleeves that were all the rage in the time of knights and maidens in distress. The corseted look has ruffles along the low cut neckline is made of pretty French floral fabric. The trim on the sleeves match the maroon skit. Youll find the belt straps handy for the hard wench work that is no doubt in store, it happens to be pretty alluring too! Hmm, its not often that fashion and function work together. Now all youve got to do it tie up your hair with the included scarf and youll be bringing back that tavern look.  So maybe youre planning one of those fancy time travel trips or maybe youre simply headed to a Renaissance fair, either way, people will know that youre the one to go to when theyre looking to wet their whistle. So, make sure that grog room is fully stocked. Its time to bring back the good name of the classic ol tavern!   
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