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Did you know that lederhosen were once the dickies of 18th Century Bavaria and Austria? Seriously. For a long time, they were the official workwear of German peasants because of their sturdy and rugged construction. Somewhere along the way, they became a traditional fashion icon, but always represented the hardworking Germans and Austrians of yore. But dont worry about all that manual labor stuff, because nowadays lederhosen symbolize something much, much different: partying down during Oktoberfest! Thats why when you wear these awesome and authentic-looking adult Lederhosen, everyone will know that the party is wherever you go!Theyre perfect for the guy who wants to knock back steins of beer and celebrate Oktoberfest... or his German heritage (or both!)... in a culturally hip and historically accurate way. With shorts that come down to the knee area, dark brown poplin fabric, and lots of little rich details (like bronze edge trim on the pant legs and suspenders, and a traditional heraldic crest on the chest panel), these lederhosen will make you look right at home in any beer garden (or Biergarten, in case you needed help with the translation from the original German)!The great thing about lederhosen is that they can be combined with several different styles. You can go casual like the Kerl (thats German for "guy") seen here in the picture, or combine the lederhosen with Trachten, traditional Bavarian wear that includes jackets, coats, and vests. Just dont forget to have a look around at our Oktoberfest hats and accessories before you do!
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