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Piñatas are excellent. Seriously, theyre so colorful and festive. They come in ever imaginable color, with streamers and flowers and cones. They can be shaped like horses or dogs, like stars or characters. Then you get to bash them to smithereens because theyre stuffed with candy and goodies! How awesome is that?!We here at the office love piñatas. We get them for any and all occasions that could possibly warrant a piñata. We string them up out in the parking lot and take turns taking swings. Were not that great at it, mind you. We frequently miss the thing entirely, and it even takes two or three rounds before someone puts a hole in the thing. But still, we dont care. Because... candy!We like piñatas so much we even made a child piñata costume. Its a full colorful fringed jumpsuit with a hat and horns. It was actually kind of a problem because when it arrived, someone down in shipping saw it and thought it was an actual piñata. Word got out about the freshly arrived piñata, and people got way too excited. So we ended up getting a consolatory piñata because people were so disappointed the first one wasnt real. Its okay. We got over our disappointment when candy started raining down on the parking lot!
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