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We heard you and Cinderella are on the rocks. Bummer. And just moments before the Halloween gala? We heard that she texted you that she, “just needed space,” and that, “her whole life feels like one big glass slipper right now.” Ouch. We feel for you, buddy. BUT, you look so classy, all done up in this Elite Prince Charming Costume. It would be a sin to stay home, moping and binge watching bad movies. What you need right now is good music and good company. The world needs more Prince Charming in it, darnit. Plus, we heard that text may have actually come from one of her stepsisters who’s still trying to sabotage her; we also heard from Prince Eric who heard from Ariel) that she’s at a silent meditation retreat. So...what’s it gonna be, hotshot? Sit and sulk or ride in on your own white horse and save yourself from one bummer of a Halloween? Good! We’re glad to hear you’re with us.Now, just iron out this iconic white, gold, and maroon suit and splash a little cold water on your face. You’re a freaking prince for goodness sake, and not just any prince, at that; you’re Prince Charming. The party will be full of fabulous new friends just waiting to hang on your every word and compliment your ensemble’s fine fabrics and dazzling design. Just...give us your cellphone to hold ‘til the end of the night so we don’t have any accidental texting going on. And remember, NO ONE puts Prince Charming in a corner.
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