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Alright heres the problem: you have to take someone trick-or-treating this year, maybe its your child, maybe a niece or nephew, or maybe just some neighbor kid who keeps hanging around asking you to take him trick-or-treating again (this kid you might want to take back to his house, just to be safe). And so you need a costume. But not just any costume, of course, because nothing is ever easy. Your costume needs to match their costume. And what is their costume, youre wondering? Well, of course their costume is Batman, just like every year. So Batman needs a good teammate, again which means that youre going to need to pull off a convincing Superman on short notice. Except youre a girl, and youre not dressing up as Superman if you dont have to.Well guess what, lady? You dont have to! Because finally theres an answer. Do you want to put much effort into your costume? Not really, because youre in it for some kicks but youre not super serious about being canonically accurate about the whole Supergirl persona. Do you still want to look your absolute best while wearing a cape? Of course, who doesnt want to show off a little? This is the costume for you. This is the icing on the cake and it is also the cake which you get to have and also eat (a little hard to follow that one but trust us it all makes sense). This costume pulls it all together, easy and quick. And isnt that what we all want in life? Just one thing to be a little bit easy and a little bit quick? Well, it doesnt take super powers, but weve got you covered.
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