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In the year 1999, Philip J. Fry was kind of a loser. He had a dead-end job as a delivery boy at Panuccis Pizza, a girlfriend who was probably cheating on him and a crippling addiction to caffeinated cola. In the year 3000, hes got it made! Hes got a sweet job as a delivery boy, hes got a cyclops girlfriend who breaks up with him every other week and a crippling addiction to Slurm. Alright, so maybe on paper, it sounds like Frys life hasnt changed all that much; he still wears the same red jacket and blue pants, he still has that messy red hair and he still has a brain that even a Brain Slug cant feed on. But he did meet a drinking, smoking and swearing robot named Bender who is now his best friend and now his deliveries take him across the galaxy in the Planet Express ship, so wed have to say that hes doing alright. Unfortunately, we dont own any cryogenic freezing tubes to make your wish of having Frys life come true, but we do have this costume that recreates his look from the classic series.
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