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Weve all been there at least once in our lives. Weve been up in the early morning breathing in that crisp, early sunrise air. We walk out to that beautiful deer stand we made with our old man years before and climbed up in our best camo to get ready for a good hunt. Were sitting there waiting for our deer maybe quietly having a sandwich with our gun or bow at the ready when suddenly the phone rings. Hopefully on vibrate, but you answer it and realize youd been sitting up there far too long. Youre late for your buddys wedding and youre best man! Youve got camo, which is a great color on you cargo pants and a sweatshirt just wont cut it for the wedding (your buddy wont care, but the bride will shoot you with your own gun!). Its in ten minutes! No time to change and barely even enough time to get there! If only there was some easy solution to go straight from deer stand to wedding alter! Well, fret no more! Mossy Oak has got you covered next time! Introducing the Mossy Oak New Break-up Alpine Formal Tuxedo. Its got the same feel as a classy tuxedo with a much better hunting camo design than the boring black, white, or pink ones. Now youll be set to go on those mornings when youre hunting at 6 am but youve got a wedding ceremony at 9 am. Snag a whole set for all your buddies, too, and youll have the best looking and hunting groomsmen on the planet. The tuxedo features zip fly pants with a double clasp for a comfortable fit as well as an an adjustable waist. The jacket has a satin lining with a two-button closure in the front. The matching vest has a four-button closure and it also comes with an adjustable bow tie!
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