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"Theres a snake in my boot!"Ah, Woody. Americas favorite toy cowboy. Beloved by Andy for years, beloved by audiences for... also years. And now you too can look like the sweetest, bravest cowboy to ever have a pull string. Just pull this t-shirt on and explain to Buzz hes not a space ranger, hes just a toy. But he wont understand, and all the other toys seem to like him, so eventually youve got to realize hes a good guy, deep down. Of course, eventually Andy has to grow up... and... say... goodby- Oh come on! We cant even do this. Did you see Toy Story 3?! Its heartbreaking, man. The whole office had to take a day off after that movie. What are we saying? You get it! Thats why youre here. You love Woody too and you want to honor him like a true fan, with this freaking awesome T-shirt. Just watch as you walk down the street and people stop you to pull you into a hug, or to gush about their favorite moment from the movies, or just to wonder about Mr. and Mrs. Potatohead and how that whole relationship is going. Youve got a friend in us, partner.
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