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What would you do if you came back from the dead as a living skeleton. Well, wed have a lot of questions for you, thats for sure. Like, how are you walking around without any muscles? And how did you get out of that pine box? There would definitely be pros and cons to living as a skeleton. You would probably make quite a mess when you were eating dinner but your bone structure would sure be a sight to see. If you came back from the dead theres no way youd go back and live half-heartedly. Youd feel reanimated by getting to know your deeper, bonier self. After that long journey back from the river Styx youd feel like shaking dem bones. When youre wearing this sassy dress with its fun black and white tutu you might just feel reborn. With your newly enforced sass, people wont have to use x-ray vision to see that youve got backbone. . . and ribs, and a femur. Youll feel like youre the Queen of the underworld as youre throwing your phalanges in the air like you just dont care. Youll look great wearing your skeleton dress to any number of spooky October events or to a Día de los Muertos themed party. You may be a skeleton, but you still have guts. So prepare to be the life of the party. Because whats more fun than a skeleton in a tutu? We cant think of anything.
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