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Mardi Gras! AKA "Fat Tuesday"! A-AKA "The Day Many People Take The Next Day Off From Work For!" This traditional celebration is held in many parts of the world in various capacities. For some people, its an important religious holiday to mark the start of Lent, and for some others, its a reason to get plastered on a work night and throw beads at each other. Whatever their reasons, this annual Carnival has enough spectacle and excitement to spare for all participants. One big part of Mardi Gras, that everyone can get in on, is the act of using ornate masks to hide your identity during the festivities. When youre wearing this Black Velvet Mardi Gras Mask at a parade, you can be sure youre celebrating in style. This black and gold polyester mask fits on with the attached headband, so your identity is kept only as secret as you want. Its the perfect accessory to help celebrate your "joie de vivre"!
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