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Fire departments dont let just anyone join their ranks. A recruit has gotta be tough, fearless, and most important of all, be able to save a cat from a tree like nobodys business! When your little firefighter-in-training is geared up in this Black Fireman Costume, theyll look brave and bold enough to fit right in with a firefighting unit!Firefighters train hard to put out fires, which is why theyre so awesome and they get lots of special gear to help them do their job. But when fire crews arent training or preparing all of their equipment, what do they do while waiting for an alarm to go off to keep from getting bored? Well for starters, it seems like there is always a parade to be in, which helps pass some time and is a good excuse to take the fire engine out for a spin! No matter what theyre up to, firefighters are always ready to spring into action at a moments notice, and your little one is going to look pretty cool as they practice getting suited up in their own gear.Your kid will look like the real deal in this costume firefighting suit, which comes with a black jacket with realistic details and working pockets, and matching adjustable overalls with metal clasps. Once they put on the included plastic helmet, all theyll need are some boots and a toy firemans ax to complete the look, and theyll be ready to save the day, whether theyre putting out an imaginary blaze, or just helping you get a kitty down from a tree!
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