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Well, good morrow to you, young squire! Have another mug of mead to warm that belly. Aye, the tavern is where we call home. As they say, sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your title. So come on in, pull up a stool to the bar and have a drink with Cliff, the scroll-delivery man and Norm, whatever he does for a living. And then theres Frasier, Diane, basically, everybody knows your title at the tavern (Alright so its not exactly Cheers but cant it at least feel that way?!). The best thing about Renaissance taverns is that no one hassles you for spending all your time there. Plenty of bar wenches to leer at too, once youve had one too many mugs of beer. And taverns are great places to find adventures!Yes, thats right, adventures. You never know when youll bump into a knight on his way to slay a dragon. Or perhaps an eccentric old wizard, who turned his apprentice into a frog and must now journey to the forbidden forests to retrieve a pure witchs eye for his cure potion. Or maybe some of the kings men will come in, demanding free drinks and grabbing a wench for fun. Or maybe some rioting townspeople are planning to burn you at the stake because they think youre responsible for the drought. Oh dear. Taverns seem pretty dangerous, now that we think of it. Why are dangerous people always ending up in taverns? Next think you know, that knight will be leading a dragon right to you. And those townspeople will start a bonfire for you. Either that or people will start calling you the town drunk, which, lets face it, you are. How could you not be? You spend every waking moment (and many passed out moments) in that tavern drinking.
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