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According to our contacts in Wonderland, the local tea parties are dangerously under-attended. Granted, that often means that there may be only an empty seat or two, but when the Mad Hatter and Dormouse both announce that a very important guest has not yet appeared, we are quick to respond. The last time they came up, it took us weeks to clean up the office… and that time, they only came to borrow some sugar cubes!We’re puckering at the idea of what a guest hunt might look like! Fortunately, you seem to be the perfect candidate for a guest at the Mad Tea Party and you won’t even need to get tackled by the White Rabbit to get an invitation!With this Tween Alice Costume, including a lovely light blue dress and white pinafore, you’ll be the perfect addition to any party, crazy attendants optional. The included black and white gloves and leggings make you primed for a friendly game of croquet or beheading… er, we mean chess, of course! (And, if things get “Off with your head-y,” we’ve no doubt that the Cheshire Cat will give you a comforting smile… possibly literally. Make sure to pick up an Alice Wig or rabbit fur purse and everyone will be able to recognize you even without a table setting. Treat yourself to a delightful afternoon or evening with the Wonderland Court and be on your way to even earning yourself the crown at the end of the chessboard! (And, in the mean time, you’ll be sparing us a hectic office cleanup!)
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