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Your little one has been begging and begging you to go on a cruise. But luckily, you know better than to set your little pirate on the high seas with such a fancy ship to steal...hello, insurance nightmare! She really can’t help it, you see. She’s got the heart of pirate and it is simply her nature to make the crew walk the plank and “borrow” the cruise’s booty right from underneath the captain’s nose! Since a sweet scallywag like her can’t be trusted on, say, the Royal Caribbean, you had better find another way to make her daring seafaring dreams come true. Take this High Seas Pirate Girl Costume, for instance. Now this is a great (and jail free) way to encourage your lady’s passion for plundering. After all, you can’t expect a pirate captain to board a boat and feign joy as a mere passenger. Thus, encourage her to slip on the cool black and red tattered skirt of this ensemble, and we bet she’ll immediately start to walk as though on a peg leg and request her dramatic eye patch. Add the included belt that cinches around her waist and this costume’s perfect pirate hat and boot covers and, well, you may want to grab yourself a sword of your own to protect your treasure! There’s no telling what your precious pirate girl will do once she’s in character!
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