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Ever since the origins of our country, weve never been one to sit back and do what everyone tells us. Thats how we got our independence, and thats how so many other social movements become so prominent. The Flappers of the 1920s were no exception. Young women who wanted to stand up to traditions and social norms bobbed their hair, drank and smoked, and partied the night away listening to jazz at different night clubs.Just like the young birds who would flap their wings over and over learning to fly, these young ladies were branded "flappers" for their own brand of flapping their wings and learning to fly. It was met with plenty of criticism from more conservative groups and men who didnt feel like the women knew their place, but it didnt stop an entire fashion and cultural movement from spreading across the country and overseas to Europe. These days, flapper girls are throwbacks to another time, but their spirit remains strong. And theres no better way to remember the days of old than with a flapper girl like this one.This particular costume has a 95% polyester 5% spandex blend, has elastic shoulder straps that crisscross in the back, and comes with an elastic headband covered in silver sequins and an upright black feather. You can complete the costume by adding a pair of black or silver heels from our accessory page. Fashions may have changed, but the spirit of independence has not. Celebrate it with this throwback costume!
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