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Don’t you wish you could get away with sleeping the whole day away every once in a while? That can be hard when youre a human being with responsibilities and people depending on you. Now, on the other wing, if you’re an owl you can get away with dozing off for the entirety of the day and no one will give you any grief. If an owl’s life is the life for you then grab this awesome Owl Pajama Costume!Once you slip into this cozy hooded jumpsuit you’ll be ready for some serious napping. This pajama costume is the perfect outfit for your days off. Sleep those early and obnoxious hours of the day away in this soft slumber-attire. Then, once you make your way out of bed and to the couch for a marathon of your favorite movies or television series, the comfort can continue with this snuggly jumpsuit. Some owls like to be helpful like Hedwig was for Harry, and others are quite wise like Owl was for Winnie the Pooh, but don’t feel obligated to go above and beyond for anyone. These PJs were designed for some much-needed rest and relaxation! Although another added bonus about this costume is that it is indeed a costume and would be perfect to wear for Halloween!Don’t feel obligated to go all out with an intricate costume, designed to make you feel “sexy” when you can enjoy being the coziest one in the party scene. Grab this Owl Pajama Costume and enjoy lounging around home and anywhere else, in comfort and style!
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