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Do you ever just feel like gettin down? Thats a weird question to ask these days, and will probably invite lots of confused questions. ("Down where?", "How do we get down there?", "Is there free wi-fi?", etc) But, if you hear that question and immediately start feelin the groove, then this far out Feelin Groovy Disco Dress is the perfect costume for you!Back in the funky 1970s, everybody who was anybody knew that you didnt have a good time by asking too many questions and being a buzzkill. You just went with the flow, and let the music take you away! Thats why back in those days, if someone asked you if you wanted to "get down" you either jumped right in and started dancing, or you said "No thank you, I would not like to get down." Okay, our memories of the 70s are a little fuzzy (they were the 70s, after all) so maybe it didnt happen quite like that. But we know there definitely were bright colors, flashy lights, and groovy tunes, which are things we can all still get into!Whether youre gettin down under a disco ball, havin your mind blown by a laser show, or hangin out with your other groovy pals, youll look outta sight in this flared psychedelic mini dress! It also comes with a matching hair tie, so all you need to add is a pair of groovy go-go boots and some jangling jewelry, and youll be ready to get down tonight!
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