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You know how you loved dolls when you were little, but after growing up you find them more than a little creepy? Dressing up in this Broken Doll Costume is the perfect way to channel some of that creepiness into your own spooky antics!Weve all had that moment where youre going through an old toy box or walking around a thrift store, and we stumble upon an eerie looking doll that is way past its prime. Maybe its missing an eye, or its covered in suspicious dirt and grime (probably from all of those years of crawling around on the dirty floor on its own when no one was around, right?), but for whatever reason, dolls just dont sit well with you anymore. They may have been a playtime staple at one point, but now youd rather be stranded on a desert island than spend one minute in a cramped, dark closet, with only that creepy doll and a flickering candle to keep you company. At least, thats how we feel about them...But we dont mind if you dress up in this costume to give all your friends the chills! This gothic style doll outfit comes with nearly everything youll need to give off your own spooky vibes. The cracked patterns on the sleeves and leggings, and the partial face mask give you a broken porcelain look, and the dark, vintage style dress makes you appear like youre from a haunted, bygone time. Add an eerie doll wig and some Mary Jane style shoes to complete this unsettling look, but do us a solid and dont sneak up on us while youre wearing it, okay?
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