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Sometimes, those little white bunny ears on headbands just arent good enough.Like, have you ever worn those headbands for a prolonged period? They just squeeze your brain, until your whole head hurts, and then you have to give up on the ears entirely, which sacrifices the integrity of your costume! Because, lets be honest here, whats the White Rabbit without his ears? Just another rodent, thats what. And what about the Easter Bunny? Where would he be without his ears? Not the Easter Bunny, we can tell you that. Those headbands are the worst. Especially if you have a sizable noggin and need to display some formidable ears. Which is exactly why we recommenced this White Rabbit Ears Hat. This hat has white adjustable ears with a plush hat and an adjustable interior for your ear-wearing comfort. With this? You wont have to worry about headbands hurting you any more. Now, dont you have rabbit business to attend to? Hop to it!
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