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"Life is like a box of chocolates. You never know what youre gonna get."Everybody knows that famous line from Forrest Gump, even those who have never seen it. But, does everyone know what it really means? It means you should grab some chocolates and wear our exclusive Forrest Gump Suit to your next costume party or movie night!Okay, maybe thats not quite the sentiment of the quote. Its more referring to unpredictability, rolling with the punches, and all that good stuff. (also, to always be careful when eating something unknown, since it might be crunchy on the inside and crack your tooth if you bite too hard) But whatever that saying means to you, theres no denying that good old Forrest took it to heart, and it guided him through his entire, extremely eventful life! When life gave him a chocolate made of weak legs, Forrest turned it into a college football scholarship. And when he bit into a piece of candy that lead to him fighting in Vietnam, he found a Medal of Honor and a career as a world famous ping pong player on the inside! Not too shabby for a kid from Greenbow, Alabama.While we cant promise your night will be as eventful as Mr. Gumps would probably be, this licensed costume will let you look just as classy as he does in the film. Just lace up your favorite white sneakers with this fun movie costume and try out your best Southern drawl, and youll be ready for whatever good times you run into!
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