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Superheroes have their reasons for updating their costume. Maybe they had a practical basis for changing up their look, or maybe they just felt like it was time for an upgrade. If you love Wonder Woman, but wonder why she keeps fighting crime in a bathing suit, this Modern Wonder Woman Costume is the contemporary Amazonian princess style for you!A lot of times, when superheroes go through a fashion overhaul, its because their look is out of date or just not practical (were looking at you, spandex). Were guessing thats what Wonder Woman had in mind when she decided to ditch her trademark skirt and tube top in favor of pants and a jacket. Now she can charge into battle without having to worry about getting chilly, or showing off more than she had planned while running or doing kick flips! It also keeps the spirit of her original outfits, but if she wanted to, she could totally wear it to grab a casual bite to eat right after thwarting some sinister plot.Wonder Woman in the modern world is all about being prepared for any situation. That makes this costume great when you are heading to a party dressed as your favorite superhero, and you need to run a few errands along the way. Add a pair of red knee high boots for the heros classic look, or try something more modern and practical, like combat boots. Either way, youll look strong, sexy, and ready for a fight, should one find you!
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