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How much more difficult do you suppose it is to play football at high altitudes than at sea level? We havent looked at the research recently, but wed have to say its at least a little bit tougher due to the thinner air, but those Denver Broncos make it look easy every time! When youre wearing this awesome official NFL Broncos Uniform Costume, youll swear you could almost feel the fresh mountain breeze while youre watching the big game!It might seem weird playing football at high altitudes, but its definitely never stopped Broncos fans from flocking to the stadium to see their favorite team hit the field. With such big players, including the legendary John Elway, Denvers home team always puts on a great show. The players wear some of the coolest looking uniforms in the NFL, too, with bright orange and bold navy blue clashing on their jerseys, and the fierce fiery horse loge on their helmets! They really blaze a trail when they drive down the field, especially when the stands are full of people cheering them on toward another win!Phew, sorry, we just got really excited thinking about football (or we got a little lightheaded thinking about breathing thin mountain air), but we bet youll keep the Bronco spirit going in this licensed costume! Its designed after the style of uniforms the real players wear on the gridiron, and includes a matching helmet with the team logo on the sides. Lets show that other team how they play football in the mountains!
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