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Our kids are inside all day long, and it can drive us a little crazy. Sure they are playing video games, and generally staying out of our hair. But that isn’t the point. It’s more that they are inside at all. We remember wanting to be outside every chance we could get. Then again, we didn’t have an XBOX, PlayStation, or a Wii. All we had was a Nintendo our moms told us we could play for an hour a day. Then it was outside with us.This summer make your kids get out in the sunshine with this Kids Grip Rite Junior Football. Set a time limit for their video games, then kick them out of the house for a few hours with this football to throw around with their friends. Who knows maybe your son (or daughter) will become the next big NFL player. Besides, with them out of the house, you can play a little XBOX, or brush up on you Mario skills.
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