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Walking in the woods can be dangerous times for those who aren’t sure of their way or for those who aren’t sure exactly who might be living in the midst of the dark trees. The stories of Red Riding Hood do not usually end especially happily. Sure, the Woodsman generally shows up at the end and takes care of any dastardly bad wolves who might have just tricked and eaten anyone’s grandmothers, but that hardly sounds like an enjoyable visit in even the best of situations!Fortunately, we all know the tale of Little Red Riding Hood, these days, so the deceptive and deceitful wily ways of the Big Bad Wolf are concerns of the past. All that is left for the story is to admire her precociousness and on-target fashion sense. And with that, our adorable red-caped girl will easily make her way to Grandma’s house and back to tell a much happier story.Make the new tale your own by gifting your delightful daughter with this Child Vintage Red Riding Hood set. With a gorgeous velvet, satin, and tulle dress with built-in petticoat, printed with pretty floral patterned lacing, your little girl will look and feel just like a woodland princess. Add the canonical red velvet hooded cape with easy fastening and she’ll be able to twirl and flourish in such a way that she’ll look like she stepped right out of the fairy tales.
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