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Any fashionista can tell you that orange is not the easiest color to pull off when choosing your outfit. If done right, it makes you look edgy, vibrant, and stylishly avant-garde. Or, like a giant walking carrot. If you find yourself in the slammer, you dont get a lot of wardrobe options, but by wearing this Prison Jumpsuit costume, you can still rock a sassy look while doin hard time!Looking good might sound like the last thing youll need to worry about in The Big House, but youd be surprised how often it comes in handy. Adding a sexy twist to your prison-issued uniform could be just what you need to make your sentence a little easier to get through, like if you need some new movies or books smuggled in, or you want an upgrade from the “food” that gets served at meal time. Having a dangerously saucy ensemble could go a long way toward getting the guards to look the other way, or maybe even help out with your little schemes. As long as nobodys getting hurt, what could go wrong? And if you wanted to take on more of an active role within the inmate population, you could use your sexy sense of style ingenuity to put together a glamorous prison entourage!Of course, you dont have to actually get yourself sent to prison to look criminally hot. This one piece, prison-orange romper and handcuff belt gives you the appearance of a cute convict, without involving the authorities. Complete this look with a pair of fierce boots or heels, but be careful if youre carrying anything that might be contraband, or you might find yourself in solitary!
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