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Most court jesters dress up in baggy outfits and floppy, bell covered hats. But as long as they put on a good show, a clown can dress however they please! This Naughty Harlequin Clown Costume lets you show off your sexy and silly side at your next big costume party!Can you imagine the amount of stress that comes with being the jester for a kings court? Aside from stage fright and "having a bad night" being totally out of the question (unless spending some quality time in the dungeon sounds like fun), its a very high profile gig, with all of the royal subjects, and the king and queen themselves, watching and waiting to be entertained. So, you have to be funny, or at the very least, be able to stay on the courts good side until everyone has drank enough wine to not care anymore. Looking a little naughty definitely wont hurt anything, and it might even catch the eye of a gallant knight, who could defend your honor and challenge any hecklers to a duel! Hey, being an entertainer used to be a much more dangerous job.We dont think youll run into any trouble from patrons and partygoers when youre in this fun and flirty harlequin style dress! Just slip on the frilly, overall-style skirt, and the matching included jester hat and white ruffled neck piece, and youll be sure to win over any crowd. Add some striped or harlequin pattern stockings and heels to complete this slinky ensemble, and show everyone how a sexy clown likes to party!
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