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Sexy Kermit Costume? A Sexy Mad Hatter Costume? A Sexy Alien Costume? Whatever sexy costume you may be wearing, youll need this 12" Green 2-Layer Petticoat for some added flair.Just think about it. Kermit might look particularly meme-worthy as he sips his iced tea, but hes not exactly oozing with sex appeal. The Mad Hatter might rule Wonderland with a firmly clenched iron fist, sending this creature and that off to be beheaded at the drop of a card, but she might need a little something something if shes interested in looking, well, cute (dont tell her we said any of this). Aliens, of course, could be whatever the imagination cooks up, but were the experts, and we can say with confidence that a short lil petticoat never hurt matters none!
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