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The gal in the sparkly headpiece is always the talk of the town. You’ll dazzle them with your free spirit and moxie when you wear this Silver Flapper Headpiece. Plus, it looks great with any flapper costume. Now time to put on the ritz!If you’ve been invited to a Great Gatsby or Roaring 20s party, you’d better get yourself a Silver Flapper Headpiece to top off your costume. You smoke too much, you drink too much, you wear too much makeup, you drive too fast, you dance too much. You’re showing your ankles! Lord only knows what other social norms you’re flouting. It feels good, doesn’t it? Live it up before the inevitable stock market crash, Great Depression and the next generation of women retreats back into traditional roles as the world gets scary! Well, you’ve got Rosie the Riveter to look forward to anyway. Just as independent, not quite as glamorous.
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