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In the depths of the Atlantic, the shipwreck of an ancient warship awaits. Unknown to many, its filled with immeasurable treasure.Whereas we might expect a more practical person to hire a rescue/recovery crew to help them out, we have a feeling youre more of a lone-wolf type. The kind that will find your own gear, get your hands dirty, and go down into the deep yourself. Thats cool, we respect that. But your hypothetical hunt for treasure isnt just going to be a swim in the kiddie pool. Theres someone else after the treasure too. Some Bond bad-guy type, yes, including the weird accessories and pet. And you can bet your butt hes got hit men at all the scuba stores and hes watching all the recovery teams. So if youre going for this thing, youll have to go under the radar. And that means old-school.When we say "old-school" we mean something along the lines of our Adult Deep Sea Diver Costume. This outfit is shiny and gold (you dont have much of a choice, this was all that antique collector had) with the antique-style fish-bowl helmet with wire cage over the face. The antique guy said it should work for the depths you need. Now go out there and get that treasure! Well wait in anticipation for the inevitable, big, ending-scene fight.
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