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How long have we been saying "the magician costume is so over!"? A long time, probably. Why? Because when people see a magician, they want to see some magic tricks. All of that pressure, all those handkerchiefs stuffed up your sleeves, who needs it? Especially the card tricks! 52 different ways to screw up, but everyone keeps asking for you to do a trick. Sure, you do the couple that you know, but everyone else knows them too and soon theyre even doing better ones than the ones you know! How humiliating! Why oh why did you ever think you could dress up as a magician and really pull it off? You dont have the sleight of hand for that. You can barely tie your own shoes! But what can you do? You love magic, your passion is unbridled and it must be set free.Well lucky for you, weve found a way! Now instead of being the magician you can be the actual magic trick! This hat is so magic youll be sure to pull out a hit at your next party. Not only will you save on carrots for your rabbit, but just think about all the mess a typical rabbit would leave in the bottom of your hat. Yuck! No one wants that on their head. And sure, rabbits are soft but all of that fur everywhere? Youll be itching like crazy. So instead, you are the rabbit and the hat and the magician all in one! Pull yourself out and watch everyone be amazed at the adorable bunny rabbit, you!
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