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The nerds will rise up and take over the world! The new cool thing is to be a nerd. Knowing how to do calculus and algebra is extremely useful! Nerds invented space travel, gaming systems, and our computers. The smart innovated power of a nerd is why we have so much amazing technology today! Put on your thinking cap, and pull out a calculator. The old-school nerd from the 50s started it all. Lets face it pocket protectors are genius. The first modern ball point pen came out in 1945, and when those leaked your shirt was toast. Hence, the pocket protector to hold the number one tool of the trade. Back then calculations where done inside the head rather than on calculators. Some wonderful nerd even invented a way to broadcast T.V. in color! Could you image if we still had black and white television? Grab your thickest glasses, slick back your hair, and join us in being cool nerds!The 50s Class Nerd Costume is sure to win over the crowd. It is a single piece jumpsuit, the plaid pants and white top are attached. A bow tie matches the plaid pants for added polish. A brown belt is included to give the illusion of oddly fitting pants. Just add some pens, thick glasses, and a handsome smile for a wonderful costume.
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