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Is your kiddo ready for a costume of biblical proportions this Halloween? Now, he can dress up as one of his favorite Bible characters with this Child Noah Costume! Just about everyone knows the amazing story of Noah, his gigantic ark, and the flood that covered the entire Earth. Well, now your youngster can be a walking, talking reminder of these epic events when he trick or treats around the neighborhood in this costume.Your little one is fascinated by the Bible and he also happens to be a huge animal fan so we think that it’s obvious that Noah is the perfect costume idea for him. Noah is not only the character of one of the most famous biblical stories, he is also the one who gathered and cared for two of every kind of animal while the world was underwater. With the pullover robe and the headdress, your kiddo’s transformation will be well on its way. To bring this costume to the next level, grab him a shepherd’s staff as well as a false beard set. He’ll look more than ready to survive through a world-ending flood and start over for mankind.
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