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The music is already calling you back. What strikes you more—the iconic power ballad? The fantastic techno? The hyper fashion? The war of the decades is on and the ‘80s intend to take home the trophy once and for all. Every decade has a few kickin’ tunes. There’s no argument. But, which had the best cartoons? No contest. Rescue Rangers and DuckTales? Super Mario and that joyous Friday afternoon where we’d see Zelda and Link? Escuuuuuse me, but how can the other decades even compete?Plus, it is clear that our modern era is starving for some of that ‘80s love. Just look at our new TV shows. Now those are real ‘80s shows! The ‘80s were born of kooky style and zany personalities and those of us who grew up in this delightful age maintain our unique verve so strongly that those born afterwards look back like street urchins salivating at a personal birthday cake. But, fret not. Unlike Disco and the Roaring ‘20s, the 1980s aren’t dead and refuse to give up their power hold… or their power ballads!So, strap on the love of the 1980s and stand up with this Women’s 80s Height of Fashion Suit. This jacket and pant suit knows what color means. A hot pink, purple, and yellow jacket with stark lines made of complete polyester. What could be more ‘80s!? Well, you can certainly bulk up your look with any of our giant hair wigs. Will you choose Farrah Fawcett or simply go wild curls? Grab some high heels and get ready to head right down to Funkytown or make up some shrimp parm!
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