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Most people think that when it comes to cowboys, the hat makes the man, but you know what? Thats actually not right. Think about it: how often do you see someone in a cowboy hat? Not all the time, but enough of the time that you can see whoever is wearing the cowboy hat isnt a real cowboy. They might like the hat but theyve never driven a herd of cattle from Missouri to Colorado, you know? So then you think its the boots, but if anything cowboy boots are even more common than hats! Nope. What about the duster? Every cowboy has a good duster, and it definitely sells the mythos of cowboy life, but no. Duster is just a fancy word for a trench coat. Nope. You can spot a true cowboy by their chaps! Thats right. Only cowboys wear chaps (cowboys and bikers, obviously, but you can probably tell the difference between a cowboy and a biker pretty quickly). When that hombre moseys into your local saloon, you know he means business.So youre here, craving to become a true cowboy. You cant wait to head out west and join a dude ranch like Billy Crystal in City Slickers, or Billy Crystal in City Slickers II: The Legend of Curlys Gold. Forget your job and technology and all your so-called "responsibilities". You need a simpler life, and thats where we come in. Strap yourself into those chaps, put that cowboy hat on your head and ride into the sunset (although make sure youre wearing other clothes too, not just that). Saddle up, partner!
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