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We’ve seen a lot of exquisite dancers come through our ranks in the past. Lasses who manage to leave some really strong impressions with us with their skill and taste. But, at a certain point, they all sort of blend in with each other. You’ve seen one feather boa and a few sequined fringes and you’ve sort of seen them all. But, the Roaring ‘20s are all about being noticed and enjoying in the best way you can the time of your life.So, when it is time to go back to the Roaring ‘20s to channel the marvelous world of hidden speakeasies and jazz that simply wouldn’t quit, you need to be sure that you are doing it in your own, unique way. The flash of sequin and drift of feathered boas would draw the minx out of the housewife and turn the quiet businessman into a wild one. Of course, even in the ‘20s, there were the commonly used styles. So, it is important to channel some modern flash to stand out even more.And, we think we’ve got the perfect idea for you with this Sophisticated Lady Flapper Dress. This is not your average arrangement of sequins! This polyester and crushed velvet sleeveless sheath dress fastens with a back zipper and has a lovely hemline with particularly long sequined fringe. The headband has an upright feather that gleams in perfect matching tones with the darker shades of the dress. Accessorize yourself with other markers of high society such as a cigarette case and a glittered shawl and you will not only be the skilled flapper of the ‘20s but also the refined lady of the speakeasy.
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