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Youll look simply ravishing, darling, when youre dressed in all in red! And red is the #1 best color to capture the frenetic energy of your favorite era: the roaring ‘20s! This Red Flapper Fashion Dress makes you look like a fierce flapper, and that makes your heart do the Charleston! You can throw a Gatsby-inspired party and swing onto the scene in this high-fashion costume, all you’d need to add is a black boa to accent the cherry red tones of this dress. Or you can coordinate it with red elbow length gloves and heels to produce the red-on-red look that makes you feel fiery down at the speakeasy!Retro is always cool, and you cant get much more retro than throwing it all the way back to the Jazz Age. Reliving history is part of the fun with this costume. You can be the most popular socialite on the scene and ready to hunt down the swingingest dance partners. Or you can be a secret hooch smuggler yourself... no ones going to suspect a high class lady like yourself as a master of the underground crime syndicate. You could even coordinate your costume with a partner if you dont like flyin’ solo. But we think you’ll make a ton of happenin’ new friends when you’re bedecked in this fringy frock!
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