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Every Tornado has its Silver LiningWhen life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But when life gives you tornadoes... well, it’s probably time to get out of Kansas with your favorite canine companion. That’s just the sepia-toned first act, though, because you’re in for the adventure of a lifetime!At least, thats how it was with Dorothy. She got swept to a wonderful land, filled with new friends to meet, witches to foil, and wizards to discover. And it all started with a tornado, and a Gingham dress!Product DetailsThis costume is a blue gingham dress with a fitted waist and attached button straps. The white blouse has gingham trim on the collar and sleeve cuffs, and gingham hair ribbons are included! (If you’re curious, blue gingham just means a blue-and-white lightweight checkered cloth. So now you know.) To complete this Kansas Girl long dress costume, we suggest some sparkly slippers and a wicker basket. Of course, you can put a dog in the basket or simply fill it with candy. We suggest candy. Because candy? That candy’s going to fuel your road-following, monkey-dodging, wizard-seeking (or avoiding) quest, after all. Just be glad that you’ve got the appropriate dress for questing, or, you know, Halloween and cosplay.Road TripSo, are you ready to hit the road? How do you feel about magic and illusions? You may even get told to seek out the wizard, but do yourself a favor and trust your judgment on that one. Sometimes he’s just a kid on his own journey to a video game tournament and then you’re getting your wizard movies all mixed up. Maybe we’ve lost the thread here. That’s it: comfortable threads! Because when you’re on a quest like this, you’re going to want to channel the girl who traveled in one of the most iconic ensembles out there. And she ventured out in sparkly heels, no less! Just remember that old saying when youre in a new land. . . theres no place like home!
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